Suncrest Autumn Moon Sage

'Suncrest Autumn Moon' Sage

Cherry Blossom Blooms on Black Stems!

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A Sage like no other! The stems darken to near-black calyces, and then, in a dramatic twist, the buds open to reveal contrasting white blooms blushed with pink! The result is a rare and unique look that you are not likely to find anywhere else! The compact habit and exceptional drought-tolerance of this hybrid makes it a lovely low-maintenance addition to any border, container, rock, or herb garden!

'Autumn Moon' is part of the Suncrest series of Sage plants. Bred by Nevin Smith at Suncrest nurseries, these plants are an interspecific cross between Salvia Greggi and Salvia Macrophylla. This pairing creates bigger, brighter blooms on plants with dense habits and large foliage. These hybrids enjoy the natural health and vigor of the hybridization process, while producing the most beautiful blooms you will see on any Sage. This series excels in the landscape, especially in the South.

The bright-eyed show continues for quite a while, starting in late spring and blooming on in to the fall. This autumn sage blooms continuously, never flagging. The sturdy black stems provide an elegant counterpoint to the cherry-blossom-like pink and white florets.

This bushy beauty grows about 15 inches high and wide, making it a nice size for beds or the middle of the border. The relatively small size and low water needs of 'Autumn Moon' also make it a good choice for a dryland rock garden. If you prefer a tidy habit, shear this Sage midseason. Shearing will also encourage more blooming.

Plant 'Autumn Moon' in average, well-drained soil with full sun exposure. You can let the soil dry out a bit between waterings--too dry is better than too wet. Supply the right conditions, and this sage is a dream to grow, being quite tolerant of both heat and drought. Confirmed hardy in Zones 7 to 11; hardiness testing is still underway in northern zones.