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Sunfinity Sunflower Seeds

Radiant sunflower with nonstop blooming

(P) Pkt of 5 seeds
Item # 52243-PK-P1
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This radiant sunflower offers nonstop blooming and flowers all season long on multiple branches. Over 100 pollenless blooms on each plant throughout summer! This sunflower grows fast and is a marvelous cut flower. Even though these beauties are pollen free, they still produce nectar to attract friendly insects.

Direct-sow the seed every week or two from spring (when the soil has warmed) through midsummer. You will keep fresh blooms coming all season. And give this sunflower a try in your Three Sisters Companion Planting, too. Its strong stem makes the perfect support for beans to climb.

Grown for its edible seeds and for ornamental use in the border. These following flower in late summer and are very large and vigorous. Helianthus annuus, Common Sunflower, grows 4-6 feet tall with daisy-like flower heads in a multitude of sizes and colors, but generally with brown disk flowers and showy yellow ray florets. Helianthus debilis grows 4-7 feet tall and generally have 3 inch, yellow or white flowers. Helianthus giganteus, Giant Sunflower, is a perennial to Zone 3 but is commonly grown as an annual. It grows 9-12 feet tall and sports giant, 1 foot diameter flowers with light yellow to gold showy ray florets. All of the above have large, coarse, hairy, and somewhat sticky leaves.

Pkt of 5 seeds