Tulip Sunglow Mix

Tulip Sunglow Mix

Tulips that Think they're Daffodils!

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Love the bright whites and yellows of early-spring daffodils? We do too, which is why we offer this "daffodils in disguise" mix of tulips! Sunglow is a merry blend of solid gold and yellow-striped white Emperor (fosteriana) tulips that bloom at the same time, reach about the same height, and in general look as though they were made for each other!

Sunglow is great for mass plantings, border displays, accents in the sunny driveway or street beds, and more. Like all tulips, they're marvelous as cut-flowers, but they look so good together in the garden, you may not be able to bring yourself to cut them!

Expect these tulips to reach about 16 inches high -- on the short side as Tulips go -- and about a foot wide. For dense coverage and lots of tight-packed color, space the bulbs just 8 to 10 inches apart. Then get ready for the show, which is in very early Tulip season (early to mid-spring in most climates.) Zones 3-7. Pack of 10 bulbs (5 of each color).