SunPatiens® Compact Red Impatiens

SunPatiens® Compact Red Impatiens

Full Sun is No Problem, and Mildew is Non-existent!

SunPatiens® has changed the way we garden with Impatiens, and this Compact series is out to revolutionize it yet again! Perfect for containers, this sun-tolerant Impatiens can be used with sun-lovers as well as shade subjects to create a beautiful, long-lasting color show!

Compact Red is a bold, fade-proof, densely-branched plant that will reach 14 to 24 inches wide and anywhere from 14 to 32 inches high, depending upon climate. (In warmer areas, it tops 2 feet high; farther north, it's more likely to stay between 14 and 22 inches.) So you can use just one plant in a 6- or even 8-inch pot, OR set Compact Red among other annuals in big color bowls, window boxes, and whiskey barrels. Versatile and adaptable!

Traditional garden Impatiens have been ravaged by powdery mildew recently in many climates, and SunPatiens avoids all of that, too. It is a hybrid of two species, including the super-vigorous New Guinea Impatiens, and it is entirely mildew-free. Even if your climate is humid or rainy, this plant will not suffer!

Beautiful lipstick-red blooms combine with just about every other color in the garden or container, and stand out so well, even from a distance! These flowers begin in late spring and go right into fall in most climates. You just can't go wrong with SunPatiens® Compact Red! Ships in 4" pots. Pack of 3 plants.

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