SunPatiens® Vigorous Pink Kiss (pack of 3)

SunPatiens® Vigorous Pink Kiss (pack of 3)

Pink with a Twist!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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Have you grown SunPatiens® yet? If not, you're in for a treat! Pink Kiss is part of the Vigorous series, developed especially for superior performance in cooler climates (though it also takes off like crazy in warmer areas, too!). Get ready to carpet your garden and fill your big containers with one of the best ground covers you will ever see, let alone grow!

Vigorous Pink Kiss quickly reaches anywhere from 2 to 4 feet high, and can spread up to 3 feet wide in no time. The secret is its super-strong root system, which makes it impervious to heat, humidity, rainstorms, and even periods of drought. This sun-tolerant shade lover sports salmon-pink blooms with a tiny red "kiss" in the center -- the only one with this pattern! As they mature, the petals lighten, so you get a multicolored, gorgeous collection of pinks from every blooming plant.

And SunPatiens® was bred to resist downy mildew, the scourge of many Impatiens varieties in recent years. SunPatiens® is super-healthy, super-vigorous, and super-blooming, even in short-season climates. Give it part shade to dappled sun, or wend it through an area that contains both shady and sunny spots -- this plant can take it!

We grow Vigorous Pink Kiss in big 4-inch pots, so that the root system is well developed and ready to establish quickly in your garden or container. Have fun designing in sun or shade with SunPatiens®! Pack of three 4-inch pots.

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