Super Sweet Corn Seed

Crispy Texture, Milder Corn Flavor

Super sweet hybrid corn was created through hybridization which is a classic plant breeding technique. Why hybridize corn? To produce corn seed varieties for different flavor profiles and different uses. Don’t confuse the natural process of hybridization with genetic engineering. All our Park Seed corn seeds are non-GMO. Super sweet corn seeds have been hybridized to produce delicious ears of corn with crispy kernels and a milder corn flavor. For home growing, there are four varieties of fresh-eating sweet corn grouped by flavor: standard corn, sugary enhanced corn, super sweet corn and triplesweet corn.

Super sweet hybrid corn has a slightly higher sugar level than sugar enhanced and about twice the amount of regular corn. Sugar level is hybridized to extend the length of time corn maintains its maximum quality. Super sweet hybrid corn has the slowest conversion of sugar to starch so it retains its best flavor longer. Corn has nutritional value and is high in fiber, protein, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals. An average ear of corn has only about 100 calories. While super sweet hybrid corn may be known for high sugar content, it’s not an accurate portrayal. Corn may have more sugar than other vegetables, but when compared to a banana, corn has about half the sugar.

Corn is a warm season crop so plant your super sweet hybrid corn seeds when the soil has warmed and frost is a distant memory. Super sweet hybrid corn is commonly called shrunken corn due the wrinkled appearance of the kernels when dried.

When planting a variety of hybrid sweet corn seeds in your garden, be sure to isolate the different types of hybrid corn to avoid cross pollination that can impact growth and flavor.