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The Best Seeds for American Gardens

Since 1868, Park Seed has offered the best annual, perennial, and vegetable seeds for American gardens. Park is home to the most interesting and economical seeds for American gardens. We have everything you need to start your own seeds at home and watch them grow into a beautiful garden you can be proud of.

Many of our new varieties either bloom longer, offer larger flowers, or are easier to grow than ever before! Browse through our newest seeds and grow your best garden yet!
Starship Scarlet Lobelia Seeds
Crouching Tiger Zinnia Seeds
Our annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, and vines offer months, or years, worth of brilliant blooms and lush foliage for sun or shade.
We are extremely proud to offer a wide selection of plants, seeds, and gardening accessories that you will only find here at Park Seed! Browse these exclusive seeds and experience gardening the Park Seed way!
Parks Whopper Tomato Seeds
Prevail Bean Seeds
We are proud to offer the best selection of vegetable seeds available anywhere. Each one is tested in our trial gardens to ensure quality, hardiness, adaptability, and naturally, flavor!
Whether you enjoy spicing up home-cooked meals with fresh flavors or simply take delight in the splendid fragrances, flowers, and foliage of various herbs, we have the best selections available!
Calypso Cilantro Seeds
Bicolor Mirai Corn Seeds
Enjoy a unique selection of best-selling seeds that have been hand-picked for their outstanding performance by both our customers and us here at Park Seed.