Petunia Surfinia® Heavenly Blue

Petunia Surfinia® Heavenly Blue

Trails Up to 8 Feet and Never Needs Deadheading!

Vibrant, vigorous, self-cleaning, and weather hardy -- what more could you ask for in an annual? This magnificent trailing Petunia will be an absolute show-stopper in almost any container! Surfina® is best known for its ability to withstand even the most extreme heat and humidity. Its blooms will remain vibrant all season long!

Surfinia® blooms earlier than any other Petunia we have ever seen. These big clusters of lavender-blue blooms appear all over neat, tightly mounded plants beginning in mid-spring and continuing nonstop through summer and, in most climates, right into fall! Talk about flower power!

No matter how hot, humid, or rainy the weather gets, Surfinia® can take it. Well-branched and very dense, these plants reach 12 to 16 inches high but spread up to 30 inches wide, filling even big containers. But you can also plant a single Surfinia® in a pot as small as 4 inches -- it adapts to the available space! Neat, free-flowering, and vigorous, it's the perfect container Petunia for nonstop double color all season long!

Use 3 plants per 10-inch basket or planter, or set them in the garden 3 feet apart. Use a slow-release fertilizer at planting time, and feed every time you water for great bloom strength. Pack of 3 plants, grown in big 4-inch pots.

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