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Petunia Surfinia® Sumo Pink (pack of 3)

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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Huge Mounded, Spreading Habit!

All the flower power of other Surfinias, plus a more dense and upright shape!

Love the Surfinia® seris of enormous, super-long spreading Petunias? If so, wait until you see Sumo, its mounded, flower-crazy cousin! Sumo Pink was introduced last season to rave reviews in all the trial gardens, and we're delighted to make it available to you. This incredible sun-lover will set literally dozens of hot pink blooms over a long season, filling and spilling over the sides of containers so that all you see is color, color, color!

Sumo Pink begins blooming early -- late spring in many climates -- and continues all summer, into fall, and right up to frost in some areas! And such blooms they are -- 2½ to 3 inches wide, packed with magenta-hued hot pink color, faintly fragrant, and irresistible to butterflies! The plant is super well-branched, so new flowers just keep popping up all over, replacing the old (which self-clean, dropping neatly to the ground so you don't have to deadhead EVER!).

And because of Surfinia's wild South American ancestors, Sumo Pink stands up more effectively to heat, humidity, and rain than most other Petunias in American gardens. You simply cannot do better for nonstop color from early spring through late fall -- not to mention a habit that can look mounded for the annual bed or trailing for containers of all types!

These blooms arise very close together on strong, vigorous branches. The flower power is simply amazing -- unless you stop watering and feeding it, chances are you won't find it out of bloom for 5 months or more!

Unlike some spreading Petunias, Surfinia® Sumo Pink does not just set new blooms at the end of the stem. Buds open continuously from the center and all along the stems, so there are no "flat-topped" or empty-centered plants as the season progresses. In fact, the flowers cluster so profusely that you can grow Sumo Pink as a mounded "bedding" Petunia instead of in containers. Expect it to reach 18 to 20 inches high (yep!) and to spread anywhere from 35 to 55 inches wide/long. No other Petunia even comes close to measurements like this!

Surfinia® is grown from cuttings, never from seed, and we believe this is part of the reason for its greater vigor and staying power. If you set a Surfinia® side-by-side with a Wave®, you will notice that the Surfinia's® stems are thicker and its foliage a bit larger and more substantial. Its ancestry is different: Surfinias® were developed by Suntory, a Japanese beverage company that crossed wild South American species Petunias with cultivated varieties from seed for 8 years, until they developed the amazing Surfinia®. At this time, none of the new spreading Petunias existed, and Surfinia® was such an incredible breakthrough that it was released on the market at once, before the seed had been developed. Of course, it took off like wildfire, and the rush of new spreading varieties from seed, including Wave®, followed. But the scientists at Suntory discovered an interesting thing: Surfinia® from seed wasn't as vigorous or floriferous as Surfinia® from cuttings, and so they never marketed the seed. You will only find Surfinia® sold as plants. It remains the king of Petunias in Europe, commanding 85% of the market. And now it's conquering America, one garden at a time! Do give Sumo PInk a try this season. You will be bowled over by its flower power, its dense habit, and its sheer beauty. Pack of three plants, grown in big 4-inch pots.


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Genus Petunia
Species x hybrida
Variety 'Sunbui Mirekui'
Item Form Pack of 3
Virtual Form Mild Zones and South 6-11 Begin Shipping 4/22/19
Bloom Start to End Late Spring - Mid Fall
Habit Mound-shaped
Plant Height 18 in - 20 in
Plant Width 2 ft 11 in - 4 ft 7 in
Bloom Size 2.5 in - 3 in
Restrictions *Due to state restrictions we cannot ship to the following:
Alaska, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

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