Survivor Pink Batik Geranium (pack of 3)

Survivor Pink Batik Geranium (pack of 3)

A Whole New Tie-Dyed Look!

Well, here's a beautiful new look for annual Geraniums! Survivor Batik Pink is exactly what its name suggests -- a merry mix of all shades of pink, from rose to nearly white, on every petal of well-branched, long-blooming, sun-loving plants! Add in that fragrant olive-green foliage for which Pelargoniums are famous, and you have a ready-made display of beautiful color that lasts from summer right into fall!

Survivor Pink Batik caused quite a stir when it was introduced at plant trials, and no wonder! We'd never seen anything like the play of color and patterning on a Pelargonium! Freckles, washes, streaks, and all manner of speckling and marking can be found in unique patterns on every petal, let alone every bloom, of this beautiful plant! From a distance it just looks a bit two-tone pink, but up close you see the striations of deep rose, shell, powder, and even white!

Survivor Pink Batik also boasts the trademark large, lily-pad shaped foliage you expect from annual Geraniums. It never needs pinching along the way; the growth habit is naturally well-branched and layered, for a lovely tiered look. And the foliage stays put well below the flowers, so you can enjoy these big bloom-packed rosettes in solitary splendor!

Expect this plant to reach about a foot high and nearly as wide, a good size for 4- to 6-inch pots, not to mention the front of the annual bed and as part of combination plantings of all kinds. Survivor Pink Batik likes plenty of sunshine. It doesn't mind humidity, and prefers its soil to dry out a bit before getting a deep watering. These conditions are perfect for many busy gardeners, making Geranium one of the most popular container plants on decks, porches, patios, and balconies everywhere!

Give Survivor Pink Batik a try this season. There's nothing more fun than watching an entirely new plant emerge and knowing that you are among the very first to grow it! Have fun with this tie-dye beauty!

When your plants arrive, remove the packing material promptly and take the plants outdoors, setting them in a shaded, protected area. Give them a long drink of water, so that the excess runs freely from the base of the pot, and then let them rest there for a day or two. This will help them acclimatize to your garden. Then they are ready to transplant into their permanent home! It's as simple as that. Enjoy! Each pot contains 1 plant. Contains three 4-inch pots.

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