Sweet Autumn Clematis

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Silvery seedheads follow the profuse blooms!

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Few Clematis bloom in fall, and even fewer are fragrant! Add to this Sweet Autumn Clematis's bushy-cascading 20-foot vining habit, and you have a distinctive, bounteous treasure for the garden!

Beginning in later summer and lasting into mid-fall, thousands of small, ½- to 1-inch white blooms appear on this climber, richly scenting the air and standing out magnificently against dark green foliage. The star-shaped blooms are followed by silver-sheened seedheads that make lovely winter arrangements.

Give this eager-to-grow vining plant a sturdy support, such as a strong fence, wall, or even a low building, and watch it spread! Semi-evergreen in warmer climates, Sweet Autumn Clematis is ideal to thread through fences, train up a pergola or weave through small trees. It establishes quickly and is extremely vigorous. You will find it reliable and increasingly productive, season after season. Zones 5-9. Pruning Group III.