Sweet Peppers

A crispy flavor delight

Sweet peppers are definitely popular. Think of the variety you can find at the supermarket. Then think about that flavor but improved monumentally when you grow sweet peppers from seed in your backyard or container garden. That’s not only the sweet taste of satisfaction since you grew it yourself, that’s the superior freshness and enhanced flavor you can only find from sweet peppers harvested from your home garden. Our sweet pepper seeds come in a wide variety of colors including yellow, orange, red, green, and purple depending on the variety you choose to grow.

In addition to the many colors, you can select from different sizes and shapes, too. Pick plants that deliver larger fruits for a main dish of stuffed peppers. Choose a smaller sweet pepper seed variety to make delicious appetizers or simply slice and serve with dip for a healthy snack. They’re sometimes best plucked fresh from the plant and eaten whole. There are so many ways to use sweet peppers. You can preserve and can them, grill, and sauté. The different methods of preparation will draw out unique flavors. So, grow a variety of sweet peppers from seed and note your favorites to grow each season in your backyard vegetable garden. Keep track of your favorites in the Seed to Spoon app from Park Seed.