Sweet Summer Combination (pack of 6)

Sweet Summer Combination (pack of 6)

Shade Lovers, Rejoice! Unbeatable Color and Texture!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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Designing interesting containers for shady spots is always a challenge, which is why we were so pleased to find this ready-made collection of 5 of the very best for dappled sunlight to half shade. In this 6-pack of plants you get 3 flowering and 2 foliage varietes, all working well together to bring you nonstop beauty from spring until frost!

Here's more about each variety in the Sweet Summer Combo:

SunPatiens Compact Hot Coral delights the combination with its warm hues that blend so well with its vibrant companions. These durable annuals hold up well in all weathers and bloom hard from spring all the way to the first frost. Whether grown in sun or shade, these plants boast excellent performance in pots and landscapes.

Heliotrope Marine is a fragrant beauty of a plant, known by older gardeners as Cherry Pie -- which tells you everything you need to know about the scent! About 10 to 15 inches high and wide, it blooms over a long season, perfuming the entire container.

Euphorbia Crystal White does double duty as a foliage and a flowering plant. The leaves are tiny, pale gray-green, and so profuse it will fill in all available space! The flowers are small as well, pure white, and very abundant. It defines "filler" -- dense, billowy, and beautiful, it reaches 6 to 10 inches high and, where there is space, can spread up to 16 inches wide.

Sword Fern Macho is a native species (Nephrolepsis) with an evergreen habit, hardy in zones 5-9, and ready to add gorgeous texture to any container. The long, slender, elegant fronds are very finely divided, bringing fresh green color and interesting angles to the combination.

Variegated English Ivy is one of the easiest of all plants to grow, trailing magnificently wherever it is placed. Each leaf is sprinkled with white and green, and the nice pointed-heart shape is as pretty as the color patterns! So easy, so endlessly lovely!

The plants in this 6-pack have been grown in extra-large liners and will have very well-developed root systems. They are premium quality, assuring you of many months of beauty. Find your best container or garden spot and treat the shade to the fascinating colors, textures, and fragrance of Sweet Summer Combo! Contains six 4-inch pots.

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