XXL Tabasco Dahlia (pack of 3)

XXL Tabasco Dahlia (pack of 3)

Massive Fiery Blooms for Garden and Vase!

Sometimes you want a pinch of pepper and sometimes you toss in the whole chili! That's the kind of powerful *zing* you'll get from the fiery XXL Tabasco Dahlia. This annual flaunts huge flowers with pointed, deep orange petals, each painted with golden-orange stripes for a blazing effect almost too hot to handle!

Tabasco is upright and nicely branched, and due to its strong stems, it combines well with other annuals in pots and tubs, as well as being a standalone in the cutting garden. It blooms vigorously throughout the summer, basking in full sun and creating a feast for butterflies. Of course, the flowers are perfect for the vase, too, where they last a long time.

Feed and water this Dahlia generously to encourage even more flowers. Certain to become a favorite, it will go into autumn in some climates! Crank up the heat in your garden with Tabasco!Set of three 4-inch pots.

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