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Tabby Cat Grass

Tabby Cat Grass

Fluffy and Mittens will Love this Nutritious Barley!

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40 days from sowing.

Keep your cats eating the garden . . . or at least, the part of the garden that's actually good for them! Tabby Cat Grass is a form of barley that is packed with the nutritients cats need, and it looks beautiful as ground cover, filler, and accent in garden beds and containers of all kinds. Easy to grow from seed, it's the solution you've been looking for when curiosity leads your pets to begin nibbling your favorite plants!

Think of Tabby Cat Grass as wheatgrass for the feline set. It is full of fiber and vitamins, not to mention critical enzymes and amino acids that are taken up easily in the blood. Cats love to nibble green shoots, and this barley is actually an ancient grain that your pet's ancestors have probably been ingesting for millenia!

And once you start growing Cat Grass, it's so simple to maintain. It grows back promptly when sheared or nibbled. Chop it up into your cats' food or let them forage for themselves in their favorite container (such as that window box they insist upon sunning themselves in, destroying countless ornamental plants you have attempted to grow there!) A tender perennial, it can be grown as an annual anywhere -- all you need is sunlight and well-drained soil, indoors or out. Nothing could be easier or more fun!

Tabby Cat Grass is a variegated, upright, very dense grain. Left to its own devices it will reach 2 feet tall and spread more than a foot wide, making it a great choice for large plantings and groundcover in bare sunny spots! But you can also pop it into containers and keep it sheared. It looks as good as it tastes!

Edible for humans too, Tabby Cat Grass is at its most tender and flavorful at about 2 inches high, but if you are letting the cats gnaw it straight from the plant, try to let the foliage reach 6 inches or more. (This will keep cats from pulling it up by the roots with their teeth.) It regrows quickly, not just once but throughout the season -- or year-round indoors, if kept in a nice bright window.

The seeds are easy to grow. Place them on top of the soil of your seed flat or the bio sponges in your Bio Dome, because they need light to germinate. They will sprout within 14 to 21 days of sowing. After that, they grow like crazy and just keep going! So easy. Packet is 100 seeds.

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Cat Grass not Catnip
Roxy from SC wrote on July 22, 2017

'Mowed' trimmed the tops off my cat grass as one of my cat devorured it. Incredable! My cats pay no attention to catnip, but go crazy for cat grass.

So far good
Anonymous from OH wrote on January 31, 2016

A week In and it has grown 2-3 inches in Coconut coir with Hydroponic fertilizer.