Tangerine Skies™ Arborose® Climbing Rose

Tangerine Skies™ Arborose® Climbing Rose

A stunning orange rose!

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Allow Tangerine Skies™ Arborose® to climb high in your garden and light up the landscape with its gorgeous orange color. This sun-loving climber is eager to please and will reach heights of up to 8 feet! Perfect for tall trellises or arbors, its welcoming beauty and heavy scent will astound and stun all who walk by. The brilliant blooms comes in a range of citrusy shades such as orange, peach, and mango and look stunning set against its glossy medium green foliage.

A member of the Kordes family, Tangerine Skies™ has a remarkable resistance to common diseases such as Black Spot and is tough enough to withstand drought and humidity with grace. This climber is fairly low-maintenance and needs only some pruning to ensure highest performance. Add this bold orange rose to your collection for fragrance and color that will make your garden stand out.