Thalictrum Nimbus™ White

Thalictrum Nimbus™ White

Multiple Seasons of Beauty!

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Our native Meadow Rue has never been so magnificent! Nimbus™ White is a stunning selection with abundant snowy blooms from late spring into summer, showy lavender-pink seedpods, and dark stems. It stands tall and proud in the sunny to lightly shaded perennial garden!

Fast-growing and quite adaptable to stress, this dark-leaved beauty flowers much more generously than the species. Expect the blooms to linger for weeks, only to be replaced by seedheads that are every bit as elegant! You get two full seasons of color from this changing display!

Nimbus™ White reaches 28 inches high in full flower, and spreads about 16 inches wide. Even a small accent planting is stunning, but a larger grouping is nothing short of breathtaking. And once established, it will tolerate less-than-ideal conditions and continue to bloom beautifully for years.

Make this lovely Meadow Rue part of your permanent garden design. Zones 5-9.