The Complete Bio Dome Collection

The Complete Bio Dome Collection

The perfect collection for your seedlings!

Complete Bio Dome Collection
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This collection includes everything you need to have strong seedlings and a great Bio Dome experience!

You will get the 40 Cell Bio Dome that has jumbo cells that hold your seedlings and allow them to grow. They soak up moisture so no need for repetitive watering along with easy transplants. The Parks Starts Seedling Fertilizer is a water soluble formula that helps give your seedlings that extra little boost!

We have found it to be the absolute best for getting new seedlings off to a great start in life. Just drop a litle bit into the water at the base of your Bio Dome or mix it into the watering can. Next we have your Bio Dome Obsessed Green Bottom Tray that holds your cells in place! This tray is the bottom of the Bio Dome and will also hold the water to allow the cells to stay moist.

When you transplant your super strong seedlings, we have included the Bio Block 40 Cell Single Refills to start growing again! With the Bio Dome Improved Clear Top you have guaranteed condensation to help start your seedlings grow. Easy to slide vents allow the seeds to have more oxygen after they start to sprout.

Our Seedling Heat Mat gives the seeds a snuggly warm hug to jumpstart them and get them growing while our Table Top Plant Light provides all the light necessary! If you have been looking for something fun, creative, and easy, then this is the perfect gift for yourself! Start growing early in the season to have seedlings to transfer.