The Cottage Bee House

The Cottage Bee House

Invite Mason (Carpenter) Bees to Nest in Your Garden!

Western Red Cedar
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Encourage mason (carpenter) bees to make your garden their permanent home by placing this nesting house near their pollen source! Sturdy, very long-lasting, and designed to meet the needs of nesting bees, the Cottage House will keep these beneficial pollinators happily raising families for years to come!

Mason bees are native species that, unlike honeybees, do not build a hive or travel in a swarm. They are solitary (another of their common names) and lay their eggs in small tubes and other tight spaces. Their sting is much less harmful than that of honeybees, as well, so you need not worry about anaphylactic shock if a family member or guest happens to be allergic to bee stings.

And mason bees are much better pollinators of your garden than honeybees. They cover their bodies with pollen as they travel from plant to plant, dispersing it far more effectively than other bee species can. In other words, masons are the bees you want for a healthier garden!

This red cedar nesting tray is easy to install. Set it on any flat surface or hang it. The best position is about 5 to 7 feet above the ground, with the open side facing the early morning sun. A good source of mud should be nearby, because this is used extensively in the nesting process. If you don't have a muddy patch that suits, dig one right under the Cottage House. The bees will thank you!

The Cottage House should be about 100 to 300 feet one of the bees' primary sources of pollen. It has a built-in overhang to protect the interior from rain. And it will hold dozens of tubes or reeds for nesting!

This bee house measures 9½ inches high, 7½ inches wide, and 9 inches deep. It has a keyhole hanger on the back for easy mounting. The red cedar construction is not only attractive to mason bees, but very weather-resistant, even in wet or humid climates. Your bees will enjoy this nest for years to come, and your garden will be all the richer for their presence!

The ideal habitat for Mason bees, this handsome home will hold dozens of tubes or reeds, giving your Mason bees to lay their eggs.

Made of western red cedar so that it naturally withstands weather without rotting. Keyhole for easy mounting. Dimensions: 9½" High x 9" Deep x 7½" Wide.