The King Ostrich Fern

The King Ostrich Fern

Enormous Fronds Held Up and Out

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One glance tells you how The King got its name! This Ostrich Fern holds its huge fronds in a regal manner, maximizing the impact it makes. Larger and more heat-tolerant than the species, this royal cultivar will make a big vase-shaped display in rich, moist spots. It is perfectly suited to the shaded leaf litter of woodland gardens or for rain gardens in partly-shady spots.

Widely grown in Victorian gardens, Ferns are now enjoying a renaissance of popularity. Few plants impart such a light, airy, cooling effect in the landscape, or provide such a range of foliage textures for the garden. Our plants are of northern ancestry for extra hardiness, and they only perform better and better with age!

Ostrich Fern is one of the largest, most impressive varieties, and is exceptionally easy to grow in a variety of light exposures. It is growing in popularity among gardeners because of its elegant form and ease of culture.

The King is one of the most impressive ferns of all, with very long, gracefully arching stipes rising from a large crown and spreading out in a vase shape to hold their enormous, finely-cut fronds up for your careful inspection. Plant it shallowly in a moist, well-drained, humus-rich soil, keep it mulched all year long, and watch as it spreads over time to form stunning colonies!