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A great hedging shrub!

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Create a beautiful living fence, windbreak, or privacy screen with fast-growing Thujas. These low to no maintenance evergreens are naturally beautifully shaped, thriving in sunny to shady areas, depending on the variety. Readily adjusting to almost any soil, Thujas stand up to many environmental challenges, including drought, once they're established. Dense, lush foliage, a pleasant fragrance, ease of growth, and a resistance to most diseases and pests make Thujas a long-lasting delight for your landscape and 'Highlights' is no exception.

'Highlights' is an exceptional variety with intense, yellow gold foliage. It holds its bright color all year round even during the coldest winters. It thrives during the summer heat without burning if watered regularly. It's tight, upright pyramidal form becomes conical as it ages. It works great as a specimen or a hedging shrub. Add this stunner to your landscape today!