Thuja North Pole®

Thuja North Pole®

Refuses to burn in winter, keeping its lush deep green foliage even at -40 degrees F!

PP#22,174 Cultivar name: 'Art Boe.'

The ideal landmark tree for smaller gardens and accent plantings, this ultra-columnar Arborvitae offers lush, deep green foliage year-round that resists winter burn and remains full right down to the ground. A selection of the North American native species, North Pole® is a magnificent addition to any landscape, needing very little attention to grow and look its best.

Never more than 5 to 7 feet wide, this tree slowly reaches 12 to 14 feet tall, with a naturally symmetrical, conical habit. A columnar selection of T. 'Wintergreen,' it was bred for superior resistance to winter burn, and also demonstrates excellent cold-hardiness. This is the tree to rely upon to always look immaculate, whether used as a specimen, screen, or accent.

Bred by Art Boe of Minnesota, North Pole® stands up effortlessly to environmental stresses, and as a native species resists most pests and diseases. It will not bronze out in winter, scorch in summer, nor break beneath heavy snow loads. Bagworms avoid it and imperfect soil does not faze it. Long-lived and dependable, it is a legacy tree that will define your garden beautifully. Zones 2-8.