Tickseed Plants & Seeds

Cheery Daisy Blooms on an Easy Native

This native perennial is a healthy and abundant wildflower, with several species that have proven beautiful enough to catch a gardener's eye. These species have been cultivated for garden use, and new, more beautiful forms have been produced, with captivating daisy-like flowers in shades of red, pink, or yellow. The blooms are generally 8-petaled and tooth-tipped, standing 9 inches to 3 feet high on wiry stems. The foliage is lance-shaped or thread-like and easy to care for, thanks to its natural resistance to drought, moisture, pests, and disease. Coreopsis bears the unfortunate common name "tickseed" because the small brown seed is supposed to look like a tick or bed bug, but the resemblance is not very strong, and the gory name is not very befitting this cheerful daisy-like flower. In containers, borders, or large drifts, coreopsis pops with brilliant colors, adding a warm glow to any garden space.