Tidal Wave® Petunias

Tidal Wave — Astonishingly Versatile!

The only Wave that works as well in beds as it does in containers, Petunia Tidal Wave is nothing short of incredible. The habit is entirely new, and so adaptable you can grow a dozen plants and use them a dozen different ways!

This is the biggest Wave, spreading 5 feet wide and capable of being trained up a trellis or mounded into a round, bushy plant. Just as delightful in hanging baskets and windowboxes as the other Petunia Waves, it can also be used as a groundcover, a screen for unsightly garden areas (hiding that sawed-off tree stump or old metal pole wonderfully!), a vertical accent in combo planters, or a mounded plant in the annual bed!

Tidal Wave lives up to its name with masses and masses of blooms from late spring through summer and, in many climates, right into fall. Give it sunshine, water, and regular feedings for best flowering, and it will self-clean, looking as good in September as it did in June! Ride the Wave . . . Petunia Tidal Wave, that is!