Tilt-A-Swirl® Hydrangea

Tilt-A-Swirl® Hydrangea

Everchanging Color!

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If you love hydrangeas, but you haven't found one that is hardy enough to survive harsh winters, you've finally found your solution!

Tilt-a-Swirl is hardier than most hydrangeas, and therefore extends the bloom season from summer well into fall. So your garden will have extra color for an extra long time!

Beautiful shades of green, pink, and red saturate these flowers, creating a wonderful swirl pattern on each magnificent bloom. And these blooms continuously pop up throughout the season, keeping your on your toes and your garden interesting. Add these hardy, easy to care for, hydrangeas to your beds and borders for plenty of multicolored beauty month after month.

You won't regret having these amazing, low-maintenance blooms grace your garden with plenty of color from summer to fall! Use the code provided on your plant tag to sign up for Bloomin' Easy Care Reminders!