Tiny Tortuga Turtlehead

Tiny Tortuga Turtlehead

Dark Bronze Leaves and Bright Pink Blooms!

Bring beautiful blooms and foliage to your waterside plantings and shady wooded spots with Tiny Tortuga! This often overlooked native is a dream to grow in the garden or container, and its bronze leaves and pink blooms are always a lovely addition to the garden!

This dwarf Turtlehead is a child of 'Hot Lips', exceptional for its dark, burgundy-tinged leaves that unfurl in spring, followed by clusters of pink blooms from mid summer all the way into fall!

The leaves are glossy and deeply veined for a gorgeous, rugose appearance. The brilliant blooms feature opposite pairs of leaves, forming a Snapdragon-like appearance. These snappy blooms earn Turtlehead its charming common name!

Tiny Tortuga thrives in full sun in cool climates and partial shade in warmer ones. Site it in a deep soil rich in organic material, and keep it consistently moist. It will take care of the rest! Butterflies adore this native, while pests like deer tend to avoid it (how else would it survive in the woods?). It will spread to fill an area over time, but it does so slowly enough that it is not invasive. Bring your garden to life with the beautiful blooms of this Turtlehead! Zones 3-8.