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Tomato and Pepper Pen Extenders - Pack of 3

Add almost 3 feet of height to veggie pens

33 inches Galvanized wire
Item # 26125-PK-3

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As your tomatoes and pepper plants grow throughout the season, sometimes they far exceed the height of their original pen! When this happens, simply screw on another 33 inches of heavy-duty galvanized wire using durable Pen Extenders.

Suitable for both Park's Tomato Pen and Pepper Pen models, these 8-gauge galvanized wire structures are 14½ inches wide, just like the pens, and fasten easily to the top of the base pen. A wingnut and screw through a rectangular panel ensures that the extender is not going to blow off, erode away, or simply slip, as clip extensions are prone to do. In fact, if you want to keep the extender permanently attached to your Tomato or Pepper Pen, all the better! It will fold flat with the base pen and and store easily for next season.

Let your indeterminate tomatoes climb to the sky, hold up heavy Clematis, Morning Glory, and Trumpet Vines, and offer vertical support to any other plant in the garden that needs it with these Pen Extenders.

In this set you get 3 extenders, enough for 3 base pens. Like the pens, they hose clean at the end of the season, and really stand up to rough conditions from rain to wind to general garden abuse.

Pack of 3