Cherry Tomatoes

Bite-sized nuggets of deliciousness

Cherry tomatoes are so easy to grow from seed. It’s no surprise they are so popular with home gardeners. Cherry tomatoes are cherry-sized miniature versions of traditional tomatoes. They range from a thumbprint-size to as large as a golf ball and can be perfectly shaped balls, egg-shaped, or oblong. You might be surprised by the variety of colors and flavors available when you grow cherry tomatoes from seed.

Cherry tomato plants are easy to cultivate in a patio container or in the garden. You’ll find the seeds easy to grow, the vines to be vigorous, and harvests to be generous. Tomatoes are a superfood that is rich in lycopene which may limit UV damage to your skin. Cherry tomatoes are nutrient-dense and may support heart health and weight management. They are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants.

You are likely familiar with the round and red variety, but the homegrown cherry tomato seed selection is so much broader. Yellow, striped, and even a variety of cherry tomato colors on a single bush or vine. The flavors can be mild, sweet, complex, rich, tangy or a combination. Plant a variety of different cherry tomato seeds then sample the selection. They make a savory side dish when grilled or seared, you can even mash grilled cherry tomatoes on toast as a nutritious topper (move over, avocado) with a little EVOO, garlic and salt. Grow cherry tomatoes from seed for the tastiest salads, snacks, appetizers, and pasta dishes.

Find an exceptional selection of cherry tomato seeds all with the superior germination results you rely on from Park Seed. We have hybrid cherry tomato seeds and organic seeds, too. If you’re growing them for the first time, be prepared for a new edible garden favorite. And if you’re a cherry tomato growing veteran, you already know how delicious and versatile they are.