Grafted Tomato Plants

A Bumper Crop Every Time!

Grafted Tomatoes are simply easier to grow, more productive, and have fewer problems with pests and diseases than any others. Here's how they work:

The Best of Both Worlds
The top part of one plant is attached to the root system of another, more vigorous variety. As they grow, their tissues fuse, giving you the robust health of the rootstock combined with the delicious fruit of the variety you have chosen.

Reliable and Easy to Grow
Feed and water your grafted tomatoes as you would any others, but prune off any shoots that grow out below the graft. This will improve air circulation and actually increase your yields! Support these vining plants as you would any other tomato.

Why Park's Grafted Tomatoes are Better:
• Bigger and tastier fruit, and more of it!
• Better pest and disease resistance!
• Less stressed by bad weather and poor soils!