Tomato Keeper

Tomato Keeper

Helps Fruit and Veggies Stay Fresh MUCH Longer!

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Well, where has this nifty little container been all our lives?! We call this the Tomato Keeper, but of course it's good for fresh produce of all kinds. Stackable, washable (in the dishwasher!), BPA-free, and very sturdy, it's just what you need to preserve every bite of your homegrown harvest.

Standing 4 inches high and measuring 4¼ inches in diameter, this plastic container forms an airtight seal that locks in flavor, texture, and freshness, extending the life of cut produce much longer. Pop it into the fridge and savor every bite of your heirloom tomatoes, avocados from the living room tree, paw-paws, and even melon slices. No more gobbling down the harvest to keep from wasting it!

Also useful as a dip bowl, lunchbox, and all-around storage container, the Tomato Keeper will soon be an integral part of your kitchen! Order a couple; you'll be surprised at the constant use they get!