Organic Tomatoes

A collection of tomato seeds for your organic garden

Looking for certified organic tomato seeds to grow in your garden? You’ve come to the right place. Our selection of organic tomato seeds includes a wide variety of options. Choose from petite cherry tomatoes you can pluck from the vine and pop in your mouth or opt for a larger size you will savor when sliced and nestled atop your delicious sandwich, hamburger, or veggie burger.

Organic tomatoes are such a popular crop for home gardeners. It’s easy to see why with their easy growing nature and expansive variety. Additionally, when you grow seeds from Park Seed, you can plant with confidence. Our 150+ years of seed germination and growing success is your assurance that only the highest quality seeds with superior characteristics are sold here. You have our guarantee.

Shop for the best organic tomato seeds to find the ideal type for your garden. The variety of sizes with delectable options in flavor make them a natural choice for so many dishes. Tomato’s versatility in the kitchen is another reason for their popularity among gardeners. Chopped, sliced, pureed, or grilled, blanched, and sauteed, tomatoes can play a supporting role or take the lead in your summertime recipes. If you make a signature salsa, try growing a different type of organic tomato from seed. Host a taste test to compare flavor profiles. You might discover a new favorite organic tomato to grow in your garden or patio container.

Maximize your growing success, download the Seed to Spoon app from Park Seed. You can log your plants and get customized planting and harvest dates. And, as always, only the best organic tomato seeds are sold by Park Seed. You’ll see the five-star ratings and, please, include your own growing experience. We take pride in selling seeds that offer superior germination, exceptional growing, and reliable harvests. You learn a lot about which organic tomato seeds grow best in a century and a half of selling seeds to American gardeners.