Tomato Seeds & Plants

Grow juicy and delicious tomatoes with Park Seed

All home gardeners know that there is nothing better than a vine ripened, warm from the sun, tomato picked and eaten fresh from the garden. If you grow grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, they may never make it into the kitchen, as they are a tempting snack to enjoy right in the garden. It doesn’t matter which tomato varieties you choose to grow, tomatoes from the garden are far superior.

If you want the largest selection of tomatoes, growing tomatoes from seeds is the answer. Whether you want just a few tomatoes to eat fresh or you want to can or freeze enough tomatoes to last the entire year, you will find the right tomato for your needs. There are the typical red tomatoes and yellow tomatoes, but check out our brown tomatoes and the black tomatoes. There are stripy tomatoes and pink tomatoes, as well as little pop in your mouth grape tomatoes and even giant beefsteak tomatoes. There are also tomatoes perfect for making tomato sauce, salsa or even ketchup. If you are an organic gardener, there is also a selection of organic seeds for you. All of these are available to the home gardener if you grow from seed. Tomato seeds are easy to grow indoors so that the tomato plants are ready to be planted in the garden in early spring after the danger of frost is over.

If you don’t have garden space, don’t be deterred. There are plenty of tomatoes that can be grown in containers. In fact, there are patio tomatoes that have been developed specifically for container gardening. Some gardeners even plant their tomatoes in hanging pots. The tomatoes grow over the sides and hang down, putting the tomatoes at eye level. Picking these ripe tomatoes couldn’t be easier. Order your tomatoes today.