Top Tomato Assortment (pack of 3)

Top Tomato Assortment (pack of 3)

A Trio of Trusted Favorites!

Grow the very best tomatoes on the market with the three varieties in this collection. We've assembled a trio of all-time favorites, easy to grow and heavy bearing. You're going to love them!

Park's Whopper CR Improved Hybrid - Indeterminate. Our flagship product and most popular tomato of all time, the Whopper just can't be beat. If you've never grown tomatoes before, you will be successful with the Whopper. If you're a seasoned pro on the vegetable garden circuit, you will prefer the Whopper to all others. These big, meaty, juicy fruit simply taste fabulous, and the disease resistance package is second to none. We stake our name on the Whopper, and it brings us honor!

Better Boy Hybrid - Indeterminate. A classic All-America Selection winner for yields and flavor, this 10-ounce beauty delivers enormous crops every time. American gardeners have loved it and relied on it for decades because it simply never disappoints!

Celebrity Hybrid - Determinate. Another AAS winner, this one with masses of 8-ounce fruit just right for canning, saucing, and freezing. It harvests within a short 2-week window, so you can get all your canning done easily. Unbeatable flavor and performance.

This 3-pack of tomato plants contains the very best of the best, the reliable favorites that never let you down (and usually perform even better than you'd hoped!) Pack of three plants, grown in big 4-inch pots so they're ready to take off fast in your garden.