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Add trees to your garden landscape.

Planting a tree is an investment in the future. It will take a few years to enjoy your tree’s full impact, but it is worth the wait. Give trees priority in your gardening budget first so they can be quietly growing while you work on other areas of your garden. Our trees for sale offer a wide variety, including apple and peach fruit trees if you want trees for food production. This way, you can start your own family orchard and enjoy the fresh-picked fruit. Those in the warmer parts of the country will find our citrus fruit trees perfect, whether you prefer oranges, lemons or limes. If you live in a northern climate, your citrus trees can’t be grown outdoors, but we have varieties of trees that will do very well in a container indoors.

And if you’re looking to plant trees to enhance the landscape of your yard, we have evergreen trees, specimen trees and flowering trees. Each tree you plant will have a positive impact on the ecosystem. Your trees will provide food and shelter for the birds and the pollinators. Your evergreen trees will provide structure and color in the yard year round and are so important in the northern climates when the deciduous trees are bare. Evergreen trees planted in groupings can provide a windbreak as well as a privacy screen.

The ultimate joy of trees is sitting in the shade of a tree you planted and enjoying its beauty. Our trees for sale online will be shipped to your door at the correct time for planting in your growing zone. Depending on the type of tree you select, they will be shipped in pots, sleeves or as bare root trees.