Tribute Strawberry Plant

Tribute Strawberry Plant

Resistant to red stele and verticillium wilt, this is a super-dependable choice.

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A classic Strawberry trusted and beloved by gardeners for many years, 'Tribute' is a day-neutral variety that fruits heavily even in the short growing season of northern and eastern climates, yet is hardy right through zone 10 in the south. Bearing very generous yields of medium to large dark red berries, it is delicious and so easy to grow.

With larger berries than Tristar, 'Tribute' appeals to folks who simply can't get enough strawberries over a long season. The berries are wonderfully aromatic, announcing their sweet goodness long before you take the first bite! The first year it fruits in fall from a spring planting, then fruits a second time in spring! Once it settles into its regular season, it bears in early summer to fall, depending on climate.

'Tribute' reaches just 6 inches high but spreads readily, showing excellent resistance to red stele and verticillium wilt. You will find it dependable and very heavy-bearing, delightfully productive over a long season. Give it a try this year, and we predict it will become the mainstay of your berry crop! Zones 3-10.

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Thriving @ 2 weeks old. 3" tall with 3 major leaves
Darla B from OH wrote on May 10, 2016

When the strawberries first arrive they are mostly roots with just a stub of plant at the top. But within 3 days you could see the leaves coming out. After 2 weeks in the ground the plants are 2-3" tall several leaves per plant. They are thriving in regular old topsoil with a bit of horse manure mixed in. I also ordered some Caroline Raspberries which are leafing out and doing well.

Great Strawberries!
AJKing from MD wrote on June 11, 2014

I ordered these last year and planted 25 of them in two 9'x3' raised beds. This year they have spread to take up all of the space in both beds and even overflowed. I just love the way they look, and the berries are so tastey! They make great jam, syrup, and concentrate! Not to mention how great they taste fresh.

Very impressed!
CarrieLosGatosMountains from CA wrote on April 01, 2014

I have never purchased bare root strawberry plants before. Our weather has been very warm here in Northern California this winter and spring. I planted my strawberries on March 14. They have been in the bed for 17 days. They look fantastic! Every plant has taken off. I will update my review when the fruit starts to come in.

Anonymous from HI wrote on February 12, 2014


Tasty, Sweet Strawberry!
Macabee from NY wrote on August 23, 2013

I wanted a nice strawberry for raised bed gardening, which would produce tasty berries all season. The Tribute sounded like a prime candidate so I bought some from Parkseed. The weather was lousy this spring and Parkseed held the plants until the weather in my area was right for planting. The plants were just waiting to sprout. In less than a week I had nice plants, followed by more growth and lots of flowers. I have had lots of beautiful tasty strawberries since May and they are still producing. They are naturally sweet and can be eaten with out sugar or cream, etc. Outstanding plants, great yield, great tasty treat. Good service from Parkseed.