Tribute Strawberry Plant

Tribute Strawberry Plant

Resistant to red stele and verticillium wilt, this is a super-dependable choice.

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A classic Strawberry trusted and beloved by gardeners for many years, 'Tribute' is a day-neutral variety that fruits heavily even in the short growing season of northern and eastern climates, yet is hardy right through zone 10 in the south. Bearing very generous yields of medium to large dark red berries, it is delicious and so easy to grow.

With larger berries than Tristar, 'Tribute' appeals to folks who simply can't get enough strawberries over a long season. The berries are wonderfully aromatic, announcing their sweet goodness long before you take the first bite! The first year it fruits in fall from a spring planting, then fruits a second time in spring! Once it settles into its regular season, it bears in early summer to fall, depending on climate.

'Tribute' reaches just 6 inches high but spreads readily, showing excellent resistance to red stele and verticillium wilt. You will find it dependable and very heavy-bearing, delightfully productive over a long season. Give it a try this year, and we predict it will become the mainstay of your berry crop! Zones 3-10.

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Fairly strong starts
100AcreBooks from MD wrote on June 26, 2019

I received my package of 25 plants and got them into the raised bed the next day. Unfortunately, only about 1/2 of them have germinated. But, the ones that have look to be strong enough and healthy. So we're looking forward to what they may have to offer either later this season or next.

Started growing within 3 days
Neecy from GA wrote on June 16, 2019

Loved the time in receipt of the plants. Started growing within 3 days of planting. I ordered 25 plants and only received 21 plants. No worries, the size of my yard is fine with just 21 plants.

Nice plants
Shirley from AR wrote on June 06, 2019

Most of them have survived--transplanted to hanging plants and doing great. Won't have strawberries yet until after first blooms-I am sure I will have some great strawberries from these healthy plants. Love strawberries.

They're Eager!
Macabee from NY wrote on May 28, 2019

Quite a few years back I bought 25 Tribute Strawberry plants from Park Seed. After 5 years of great production, we got the worse rainy, nasty summer in years, followed by the same thing last year. The patch failed with only 12 plants surviving. These I moved those to a recovery area where they immediately set out making runners. They all had at least 2 "babies" on the runner ends by fall. Winter was not kind and I had 14 bedraggled plants by spring. So I ordered another batch from Park Seed. To say the least, THEY ARE EAGER!!! They have new raised beds and everyone of the "newbies" has flowers and some have set fruit after only 3 1/2 weeks in their new home! The 14 plants from the original batch have joined them and it's hard to tell the difference between them. Some of of the plants have a lot of flowers. I can't wait to enjoy the delicious juicy Tribute Strawberries. They produce a nice medium size berry and produce all summer long. They do take a "break" in July. Their "idea" of a break is about 2 weeks of sending out runners all over the place. Then it is back to making more juicy berries. Love these Tributes!

taking off like a shot!
sue from MD wrote on May 11, 2019

First year plants, this is mother's day weekend and they are beautiful, hardy plants with plenty of flowers and little berries starting to form.