Trio Cottage Planter Coordinating Trellis

Trio Cottage Planter Coordinating Trellis

Fits Perfectly onto the Trio Cottage Planter!

Item # 96935
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Intended for use with the Trio Cottage Planter, this adjustable trellis is the ideal way to grow all your vining plants! As the plant grows, the trellis grows with it -- so you never have to worry about flopping stems!

This trellis offers 3 cross-pieces that slide horizontally, so you can position them in the optimal places for your plants. Great for tomatoes, this trellis also works well with Clematis, Morning Glory, Sweet Peas, Mandevilla -- just about any climbing or vining plant!

If you haven't discovered the Trio Cottage Planter yet, with its 3 removeable planting spaces and efficient self-watering system, you're in for a treat! Find out how easy growing container plants can be -- even in hot, punishing climates where most flowerpots and hanging baskets dry out in a single summer day! -- with the Trio Cottage Planter! For more information, please click here.

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