Trio Cottage Planter

Trio Cottage Planter

Trio Cottage is the Innovative Planter for Multiple Growing Areas

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For ultimate versatility, functionality, and beauty, treat yourself (and your plants!) to our new Trio Cottage Planter! This innovative trough planter is ideal for patios and balconies, allowing you to create attractive decorative privacy screens, grow big, juicy tomatoes, or simply display your favorite blooms. With three interchangeable planting spaces, swapping out plants and changing your design is easy!

The Trio Cottage is frost-proof, UV-resistant, and extremely durable. Its wicker design is not only strong and hardwearing, but it's also highly attractive, blending in well with its surroundings, whether casual or formal. Recessed handles make moving the planter easy, and the surface is also quite easy to clean: simply wipe down with a soft cloth and a mild household detergent.

The Trio Cottage Planter measures 39 inches wide, containing 3 separate 13-inch planters. The white color is a great backdrop to the rich shades of foliage and the vivid tones of blooms. It's a standout in any location.

Each Trio Cottage Planter comes with a self-watering system that allows you to spend less time watering your plants and more time simply enjoying them! The watering system lets your plants become basically self-sufficient. It includes a water level indicator, which ensures complete watering control; a water supply shaft, which makes adding water and liquid fertilizer easy; a drainage material that perfectly controls the water supply to the plants; a separator that forms the water reservoir in the bottom of the planter; and a drain plug, which is removed to allow excess rainwater to drain, when used outdoors. The reservoir for the Trio Cottage Planter holds approximately 3 (1 in each section) gallons of water, enough to keep your plants watered and happy for many days, allowing you time to simply sit back and enjoy them!

A coordinating trellis is available for the Trio Cottage Planter.