Triple Blade Herb Scissors with Sheath

Triple Blade Herb Scissors with Sheath

Includes a Sheath that Cleans the Blades!

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Get the most flavor out of every herb in your garden with the Triple Blade Herb Scissors from Norpro. These ergonomically-friendly, easy-to-use kitchen scissors are designed with a unique triple-blade system that severs delicate leaves without bruising or tearing, so they retain all their flavorful oils and keep their fresh, just-picked texture. An essential part of your kitchen toolkit, these scissors are so useful you'll wonder how you ever cooked without them!

The triple-blade design of these scissors is what makes them unique. Instead of tearing the leaves with each cut, the blades execute three rapid-fire cuts, which minimizes the ripping action, preventing the leaf from bruising and keeping the oils from being released onto the countertop. If you have used single-blade scissors in the past, you'll notice the difference in the degree of moisture on the blades after cutting -- with the Triple Blade Herb Scissors, the blades are much drier, and contain fewer leaf remnants. They simply do a far more effective job of cutting small, tender leaves than traditional single-blade shears.

Measuring 7½ inches long, these stainless-steel scissors feature easy-grip handles of leaf green, which prevent slips and minimize grip pressure. (As gardeners, we know that after a long day planting, weeding, or pruning, the last thing our hands need is strenuous knife work in the kitchen!) A few quick snips here, a mince there, and you have a plate of chopped herbs or scallions, ready for your best dishes!

The scissors include a leaf-green protective sheath, which covers the tips and cutting edges of all three blades to prevent accidental nicks and to preserve the sharpness of the blades. But this sheath has a unique design: the tip is divided into 4 parallel strips that fit perfectly between the triple blades of the scissors. When you've finished using the scissors for the day, simply run the strips between the blades to clear out any traces of leaves. Presto -- a self-cleaning herb scissor!

We recommend hand washing the Triple Blade Herb Scissors if possible, to prolong the sharpness of the cutting edges. They are perfectly dishwasher-safe, but you'll get a longer and better performance out of them through more gentle handling. Expect them to last for many, many years, helping you bring out the best flavor from your aromatic, tasty herbs!

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