Triplesweet™ Corn Seed

Seeds with Breakthrough Flavor and Tenderness

Corn on the cob lovers and backyard gardeners, rejoice! The best corn seeds just keep getting better. Who doesn’t like corn? If you are the exception to corn lovers, we have a temptation for you to grow: Triplesweet hybrid corn seeds. Triplesweet may be the best advancement in the flavor of homegrown corn we’ve tasted in recent memory. These tight husks with plump ears have reviewers exclaiming triplesweet hybrid is the “best eating” corn around. There are four varieties of homegrown sweet corn seeds grouped by flavor: standard corn, sugary enhanced corn, super sweet corn and triplesweet corn.

Savor the crunchy sweet flavor that bursts from the tender kernels. The extra sweet flavor is achieved through hybridizing the varieties to maintain the most desirable characteristics of each. Don’t confuse the natural process of hybridization with genetic engineering. Park Seed sells only non-GMO seeds. As a warm season crop, you must plant triplesweet hybrid corn seeds in warm soil. As the growing season progresses and through unpredictable weather, you will appreciate the seed’s improved disease resistance.

Have you heard of the Three Sisters crops? They are known as the staple crops of indigenous people and include corn, beans, and squash. Corn is the first crop of the Three Sisters to be planted to shade the squash plants and to give the beans a support for their vining growth. The corn the indigenous people grew had tough kernels. Thankfully, hybridization has improved the texture and flavor of corn beyond what the indigenous people experienced. And this triplesweet hybrid corn is the sweetest and most tender yet.