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Tulip Pittsburgh Triumph

Tulip Pittsburgh Triumph

Beautiful Color Changes!

Pack of 10
Item # 37832-PK-10
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A splendid contrast to the pinks, yellows, and whites of the pastel-toned spring bulb garden, Tulip Pittsburgh Triumph dazzles with blooms that open silvery-purple and then become even darker and more saturated with rich color as they mature. A long-lasting Triumph tulip blooming in midseason just after the Darwins, it is a must-have for indoor arrangements and garden glory.

These elegant egg-shaped blooms arise atop very thick, sturdy stems. Triumph Tulips were originally primarily bred for forcing, so they have a stem vigor that is really unsurpassed in the tulip family. This stands them in good stead during those rough April showers and harsh spring winds!

The blooms emerge with a creamy white base and plummy purple tones overlaid with a silvery sheen. As they mature, however, the silver becomes less prominent and the plum turns to a deeper shade of violet. Very slow to open, they prolong their season of glory in the garden or vase. (And be sure to plant a few in containers; these Easter-colored blooms are such a pleasure to see on the deck or patio!)

Reaching 16 to 20 inches high, with wide green foliage banking the stems, Tulip Pittsburgh Triumph is a midseason bloomer. Like all Triumph Tulips, it is a cross of Darwin and Early types, with many of the merits of both. This is a good variety for cutting, but also holds up nicely in the sunny garden. It will be annual south of zone 7, but will return for several seasons farther north. Plant the bulb deeply (6 inches isn't too deep!) in sandy soil and mulch well to retain moisture. That's all there is to it!