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Tropicanna® Canna

Tropicanna® Canna

Jaw-Dropping Foliage!

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The huge new leaves unfurl purple on this delightful Canna, quickly acquiring pinstripes of orange, gold, and crimson among the green. By far the most eye-catching foliage in the family, there are few garden sights as impressive as these leaves when the sunlight shines through them!

Set about with orange blooms like giant flares, Tropicanna® is a spectacular accent for patio and poolside. A favorite of modern garden designers, this popular splash of color is the cultivar that put Cannas back on the map!

This tropical just thrives in the heat, so expect it to be the star of the garden when less tolerant plants have slumped from exhaustion! Tropicanna® is stunning enough that just one plant makes a lovely thriller in mixed containers or beds, but the stately flowerstalks also work beautifully in rows: use them liberally along exposed paths and walkways to fill your yard with color!

Plant Tropicanna® in full sun in a soil rich with plenty of organic material, and water it frequently. It will reward you with exceptional vigor and the most stunning foliage you will ever see! This Canna will naturalize to fill the area, and every few years should be divided, providing you more bulbs to spread across the garden. Deadheading is recommended, and it will help the blazing orange blooms come on faster. Zones 7-10.