Hydrangea Tuff Stuff™

Hydrangea Tuff Stuff™

Repeats for 4 Months or More!

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Not your average Hydrangea, this lacecap offers unusual texture and shape. Tuff Stuff™ is a consistent performer, with blooms lasting from early summer right through fall!

Clusters of tiny fertile flowers in dark red are surrounded by larger sterile florets in a lighter pink tone, giving the plant that lacy pattern. Appearing with a big, heavy show in early summer, the blooms continue steadily throughout the heat of summer, and well into the fall months.

The large heart-shaped leaves compliment the clusters of flowers nicely. Bright green in spring and summer, it turns rich shades of bronze, burgundy, and carmine in autumn, while the blooms are still present. The serrated edges of the leaves adds even more texture and dimension this super interesting specimen!

Reaching only 2 to 3 feet tall and wide, Tuff Stuff™ is much more compact than traditional Mountain Hydrangea. It's a great size for borders and containers, and the blooms make great cutflowers!

Like all Hydrangeas, Tuff Stuff™ loves water, and plenty of it! It will thrive if given consistent moisture and a bit of shade in most climates. It grows relatively quickly, and blooms from year to year, without offering much trouble. Zones 5-9.