Tulip Chilling Out Blend

Tulip Chilling Out Blend

A Pair of Brilliant Midseason Bloomers!

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Orange and purple aren't often seen together outside the confines of football stadiums, yet these two brilliant hues combine spectacularly on our Chilling Out Blend! We have taken an orange Darwin Hybrid and a purple Triumph, both blooming at the same time and offering the same intense neon look. The result? An eye-catching planting that will bring a smile to your face and make you look around for other good sources of hard-to-find orange and violet to mix together!

Darwin Hybrid Orange van Eijk is actually, when you see the flowers up close, a blend of bright orange, pink, and red. The hues combine on every petal, washing together so that the result is a very intense, satiny look. Like all Darwin Hybrids, this variety is very vigorous and long-blooming, its flowers often remaining fresh for 3 weeks. It reaches about 22 inches high, and stands up very well to the winds and rains of spring.

Triumph Purple Flag has a silky texture and a deep purple coloration. It almost glows in the spring sunshine, and lasts a long time even in unseasonable heat. This plant is just a bit shorter than Orange van Eijk, usually topping out at 18 inches or so. The bloomtime is identical, however, and so is the flower form: both varieties are the classic cup-shaped tulips, perfect for the vase as well as the border and bed.

Set these bulbs in enriched, light, even sandy soil with good drainage. They need full sun everywhere but the south and west, where a touch of shade or dappled sun is appreciated. Although they are not perennial south of zone 8, they are grown everywhere as annuals. And within their hardiness range, they will return for several seasons of magnificent beauty! You just can't ask for anything more. Have fun with this unusual mix. Zones 3-8. Pack of 12 bulbs.