Tulip Muscari Mix

Tulip Muscari Mix

Fragrant Blue-and-White Beauty for Spring!

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Here's a duo that every sunny spring garden can use: fragrant, eager-to-naturalize Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) combined with creamy white species Tulip! Well matched in bloom time and height, these super-easy bulbs create a swathe of blue and ivory cream that looks almost magical in the early season garden or your best containers!

Muscari and Tulip are natural friends, thanks to their overlapping seasons of bloom and their differing shapes. The triangular dome-like structure of the Grape Hyacinth's blooms is the perfect counterpart to the chalice shape of the tulip on its thick, sturdy stem. And the Muscari is happy to share its sweet fragrance with its less strongly-scented friend (not to mention the entire area of the garden surrounding it!).

In this collection you get 6 bulbs of Muscari armeniacum, which reaches about 8 inches high and 4 inches wide, plus 4 bulbs of Tulipa kaufmanniana Concerto, a species tulip (one of the very first to bloom each year!) reaching 12 inches high and 10 to 12 inches wide. Unlike the taller, later-blooming tulip hybrids, Concerto is eager to naturalize, and can be grown as a perennial from zones 4-8.

This blend blooms in mid-spring in sun to light shade. Both varieties are long-lived and very weather-tough, ready to withstand the rains, winds, and heat of spring (as well as the cold snaps, of course; both grape hyacinths and tulips love cold weather!). Find a place where they can multiply over time, increasing your garden glory with each new spring. What a magnificent gift to give the garden! Zones 4-8. Pack of 10 (6 Muscari, 4 Tulips).