Tulip Tutti Fruitti Blend (Pack of 10)

Tulip Tutti Fruitti Blend (Pack of 10)

Bright Candy Colors!

Pack of 10
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Shiny-bright in the spring sunshine, this extraordinary mix of three premium Single Early and Triumph tulip varieties is just the pick-me-up your garden needs! It blooms in the middle of tulip season, and lasts well despite rainstorms, wind, and unseasonable heat. Rely on Tutti Frutti for the brightest colors and most beautiful looks!

This blend combines three solid colors for a lovely play on Easter shades of yellow, lavender, and violet. Coupled with the green foliage, the blooms may suggest Mardi Gras colors to you -- and the bloomtime is often perfect for Carnival and Fat Tuesday celebration! These blooms open to at least 3 inches wide, and are quite ready to withstand spring showers, winds, and unseasonable heat.

Tutti Frutti Blend contains 10 bulbs, an assortment of three Princes: Candy and Sunny Prince, which are both Single Early tulips, plus Purple Prince, a Triumph. Each of these varieties reaches a height of between 14 and 18 inches, and they all bloom together in the middle of tulip season, so you can count on a uniformly sized, ultra-colorful display wherever you choose to plant Tutti Frutti!

Tulips are simply a must-have for the spring bulb garden. If you live in a warm climate (zone 7 or above), these beautiful bulbs may be annual, but if planted deeply in sandy, loose soil, may return for several years. Farther north, they are reliable performers for more than one season. Do plant them freely, because you will want to cut many of the blooms for the vase, too! Zones 3-8. Pack of 10 bulbs.