Tuxedo Weigela

Tuxedo Weigela

A Completely New Look for a Long-time Favorite!

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The darkest shade of green yet, this foliage appears black from a distance, offering a stunning contrast to the big white blooms! It's a whole new dressed-up look for this easy-care shrub!

Tuxedo earns its name with every leaf! Sunlight darkens the color, making the bell-shaped white blooms really pop. There has simply never been a Weigela like Tuxedo, and you will thrill to its presence in the border, foundation, or as a low hedge.

The flowers begin in early summer and continue in waves all season. Quite cold-hardy yet able to withstand the extreme heat of July and August, this is a hard-working little shrub, neatly mounded and needing little attention. It's simply a must have! Make a date with fashion and add Tuxedo to the garden this season.