Twilight Foamy Bells

Twilight Foamy Bells

The dark quilted leaves are crowned with white bottlebrush blooms when the weather warms.

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The charcoal color on the leaves is unprecedented on this low, broad hybrid. Exceptionally vigorous, it makes a groundcover beyond compare, while the distinctive color also makes it attention-getting in mixed containers!

The quilted, velvety leaves are fuchsia on the reverse, and this color bleeds through as the foliage matures. White bottlebrush blooms crown the display as the weather warms.

Heuchera is a native Genus with woody roots and a rounded mound of attractive, ruffled foliage. In late spring the foliage is augmented with thin flowerstalks bearing small, colorful, bell-shaped blooms, earning it the common name 'Coral Bells'. Ignored by deer and beloved by hummingbirds, Heuchera is a decorative favorite for woodland gardens and other shady spots. It prefers moist, organically rich soil, but beyond that is very low maintenance. Great rust and sun-resistance. 1 Quart container. Zones 4 to 9.