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Ultimate Park Seed Cool Season Vegetable Collection

Ultimate Park Seed Cool Season Vegetable Collection

The end of summer is just the beginning for these cool-season veggies

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Don't give up on homegrown at the end of summer. Extend the growing season right into fall with this collection of cool-season veggies. They love the milder days and cool nights of autumn, and most become even sweeter with a light frost.

Collection includes:

05681-PK-P1 Howden Pumpkin Seeds: heavy yields of uniform, plump pumpkins, 20 to 30 pounds each.
52873-PK-P1 Winter Squash Baked Potato Seeds: a compact bush bearing sweet, nutty acorn squash.
52491-PK-P1 Robin Hybrid Beet Seeds: sugar-packed baby beets, round, heavy, and red to the center.
05879-PK-P1 Nantes Organic Carrot Seeds: exceptionally sweet variety, tender and crisp.
52792-PK-P1 Catskill Brussels Sprouts Seeds: a dwarf heirloom variety with high yields of large, round sprouts with intense flavor.