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Ultimate Park Seed Sunflower Collection

Ultimate Park Seed Sunflower Collection

Beautiful blooms and yummy seeds, for you and your feathered friends

Item # 28147
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This collection calls to sunflower lovers everywhere. But really, who doesn't love sunflowers? These statuesque plants add an elegant, architectural element to the garden and deliver plenty of yummy seeds. With this collection, you can harvest and roast seeds for yourself and still have plenty to share with your feathered friends. And talk about floral displays, nothing beats the sunny disposition of these flowers to liven up a room. Just be sure to harvest flowers in the morning for long-lasting cut flowers.

Collection includes:

00975-PK-P1 Italian White Sunflower Seeds: 4-inch blooms of white petals with a primrose ring around a chocolate eye, arising on 5- to 7-foot stalks.
00930-PK-P1 Velvet Queen Sunflower Seeds: 8-inch blooms in shades of yellow, orange, and red on 4- to 5-foot stalks.
00950-PK-P1 Giganteus Sunflower Seeds: 12-inch blooms with bright yellow petals on 10-foot stalks.
52372-PK-P1 Soluna Lemon Sunflower Seeds: a gold-medal winner with adorable 3-inch, brown-eyed, lemon yellow blooms on 3-foot stalks.
B51737-PK-P1 Shock o Lat Sunflower Seeds: A Park Seed exclusive with 6-inch chocolate brown, honey-gold tipped blooms on 6-foot stalks.