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Vaccinium Chippewa Blueberry

Vaccinium 'Chippewa' Blueberry

Fruit ripens midsummer | Cold hardy to Zone 3

Item # 28165
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This half-high blueberry cultivar is valued not only for fruit production but also for ornamental purposes. Vaccinium 'Chippewa' Blueberry is a compact, upright shrub that grows up to 4 feet tall and wide. A mid-season variety, Vaccinium 'Chippewa' Blueberry blooms in small bell-shaped white flowers in late spring, followed by clusters of sweet, juicy, medium-sized blueberries that ripen midsummer.

Throughout summer, Vaccinium 'Chippewa' Blueberry maintains elliptic medium green leaves that turn attractive shades of red, purple, and yellow-orange in fall. The plant is very cold hardy, to Zone 3, and low maintenance; but the shallow, fibrous roots need constant moisture and good drainage. The bush attracts birds and butterflies.

Blueberries are self-pollinating but planting two or more varieties with similar bloom times encourages cross-pollination, producing larger yields of larger berries. Planting early, mid-season, and late-fruiting varieties extends the blueberry season from early June to the end of the summer.

Uses: Beds, Borders, Hedges, Screens, Containers, Small Gardens, Fruit